Just In: 30 Man U fans electrocuted in Calabar

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A viewing centre- 30 football fans electrocuted in Calabar

In a developing story, over 30 people are feared dead at a football viewing centre in Calabar, the Cross River State capital after being electrocuted by a high tension cable that reportedly fell on them.

Channels TV reported that the football fans were at the centre to watch a UEFA Europa League quarter-final match between Manchester United and Anderlecht on satellite television.

the venue where 30 football fans watching a Europa League semi-final match between Manchester United and Anderlecht were electrocuted in Nyakasang, Atimbo area of Calabar on Thursday night.
Photo: /Dian Abasi/BJO/NAN

Manchester United won the match 3-2 aggregate, with Marcus Rashford netting the winner in the 107th minute.

Channels Television correspondent in Calabar reported that the live electricity cable broke from its mooring and fell on the viewers.

One man tweeting from Calabar provided the specific location of the accident:

**Update: The police in a statement on Friday debunked the earlier figure of 30 dead and 50 escaped, as incorrect. They claimed only 7 people died, while 11 were injured, with one under intensive care.

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  • Chike ngwube

    Foreign football has taken over our local football.When Rangers or Ifeanyi UBA FC or Shooting stars are playing,no one gathers to watch.The proverb that says,a door closed in a different town does not cut the finger of another person in his house,has materialized here.People in Nigeria are watching Manchester United playing in England and are electrocuted in Nigeria.The madness generated in Nigeria by foreign football can never allow Nigerian soccer to grow.Youths who go there to watch football fight each other,smoke drugs,steal money from their parents or masters,squander their school fees on drinks and money bets and sometimes end up with bloody fights with rival groups.Even some families engage in the madness as children,mother and father belong to rival groups and engage in very bitter arguments on who wins a match.Some of the viewing centers are unfortunately shanties and are more dangerous in case of emergency.Nigeria is a contradiction.How much would it cost a state government to build viewing centers in the various local governments and equip them with large screen televisions.The worst has happened and the govt officials will as usual do the ritual of visiting the scene with heavy security and promise to look into the matter.All these happen when the wrong people are in government…so to say.God bless Nigeria.