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Amosun opens school, road in Edo

Governor Amosun with Iara Oshiomhole, Governor Oshiomhole and Mrs Amosun

Senator Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State, on Thursday, formally opened a road and a school in Benin City, Edo State capital, bringing to nine the completed works commissioned this week as part of the farewell ceremonies for Governor Adams Oshiomhole.

The former labour leader who became governor in 2008, will bow out on Saturday, after eight years in office.

Amosun commissioned the reconstructed Second Circular Road and three blocks of 18 classrooms at Arinze Primary School, Benin City.

The Amosuns and Oshiomholes with the school pupils in Edo
Amosun and Oshiomhole in one of the classrooms
Iara Oshiomhole speaks with a pupil

President Muhammadu Buhari had earlier in the week commissioned six flagship projects of the Oshiomhole administration, including the new 200-bed Central Hospital, 6-lane Siluko road; Samuel Ogbemudia College, reclaimed Queen Edo gully erosion site, the Ugbegun-Ujiogba-Ebudin- Igueben-Ewohinmi road and the Edo University, Iyamho.

Also, the Governor of Lagos State honoured the outgoing Governor of Edo State by commissioning the Itohan Grammar School, Benin City.

The Ogun State Governor who commissioned the Arinze Primary School and 4-lane 7-km 2nd East Circular road, complete with underground drains, walkways and street lights said the outgoing Governor has had a successful tenure as Governor.

Amosun and Oshiomhole greet the people

“I have the honour, the privilege and the sense of duty to come and commission this 2nd East Circular Road in the great city of Benin, Edo State. We are using this to signpost, to commemorate the eventful, very successful eight years of Governor Comrade hardworking Oshiomhole.

“This road will bring development; it will bring growth, people will be very safe here because when the right infrastructure is in place, it helps to bring security. So, development will come here.”

Inaugurating the blocks of classrooms at Arinze Primary School, Benin City, Governor Amosun said, “You will agree with me that the best thing you can give to anybody is not money, it’s not a big building or any other thing. It is education. Education is something that brings everybody together; it puts you on the same level, on the same pedestal, whether you are rich or small. Once you are educated, there is nowhere you cannot be. There is nobody you cannot compete with. And we have to thank the hardworking Comrade Governor for providing this opportunity for us.”

According to Amosun, Oshiomhole loves his people and has lived his life for others.

“He is from the labour movement, from where he found himself as the governor of Edo state. Look at what he has done. Is it in the area of education, the area of health, the area of infrastructure?

“He has served his people diligently well. I am happy for his life. I am indeed very proud of you, and I know that all the people of Edo State are very proud of you. And in any case, they have done that through their votes. And I pray that our incoming governor, Godwin Obaseki will follow your footsteps and he will do wonderful things.”

Governor Adams Oshiomhole said “when I listened to those children saying the kind of things they said here, and I watched these young beautiful children singing and dancing, I am reassured that my country has a great future. I ask you to have faith.

“I am confident that with the brains and your determination to do your best even in the face of an environment that is challenging, with President Buhari leading us, Nigeria, with people like you, will be the giant of Africa that we are destined to be.