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Attacked Berlin market reopens

12 dead as Truck ploughs into Christmas Market in Berlin

The Berlin Christmas market where 12 people died in Monday’s truck attack reopened on Thursday with new concrete barriers for protection and music switched off as a mark of respect to the victims.

Flowers, candles and messages of support were dotted around the square as bratwurst, mulled wine and festive gifts were back on sale.

“People are still very scared,” a Berlin student told a British television reporter.

Journalists from around the world almost outnumbered Christmas shoppers early on but by midday the Breitscheidplatz market had gradually become busy.

“We are not exactly over the moon. It is all so terrible,” a leather goods salesman told dpa.

The square where Monday’s carnage took place is dominated by the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, damaged in World War II but left as a shell to remind people of the horrors of violence.

Pastor Dorothea Strauss said what the Christmas market traders had witnessed on Monday would also leave mental scars.

“After this terrorist attack, we cannot simply go back to daily life,” she said.

But authorities decided to try to get back to normal and reopen the market after police said they had gathered all the evidence they needed from the crime scene, including finger prints which link Tunisian suspect Anis Amri to the lorry.

Klaus-Juergen Meier, chairman of AG City which runs the market, said he had seen no negative reactions to the decision.

“We are experiencing exactly the opposite. Everyone is coming and saying: ‘Now more than ever’.”(dpa/NAN)