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Banana family shuts Mugabe up on entitlements


Robert Mugabe , Former president of Zimbabwe.

The family of the Zimbabwe’s late ceremonial President Canaan Banana  says former President Robert Mugabe should not complain  about being ill-treated and being denied a retirement package commensurate with his position as former Head of State

The Banana’s family told Southern Eye that Mugabe deserved to taste his own medicine after denying their father a government pension and went on to deny him national hero status when he died in November 2003.

He was buried at his rural home in Matabeleland South province without the full honours that are traditionally reserved for former Heads of State.

Mugabe was recently quoted as complaining over his pension and retirement benefits he was awarded by his successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In particular, Mugabe is alleged to have raised concern over withdrawal of his service vehicles and his domestic staff.

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