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Edwin Clark back’s Buhari’s war on corruption

Chief Edwin Clark

The Ijaw national leader, Chief Edwin Clark has commended the anti-corruption drive of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The elder statesman told newsmen in Warri that corruption was the bane of underdevelopment in the country.

Clark therefore debunked  a  publication in a national daily where he was accused of not speaking against corruption during the Goodluck Jonathan administration .

He said: “I have always spoken against corruption even in the past.
“Ordinarily, I shouldn’t have replied to it because whoever is the author is vicious, wicked and not a patriotic Nigerian.

“I said the author is being vicious because I have been talking about corruption even before the time of Jonathan. In the first place, I talked about corruption during the time of erstwhile President Obasanjo and Yar’ Adua.

“I remembered at that time, I was in the forefront of fighting our former governor, Chief James Ibori, leading to him being sentenced in UK.

“Every Nigerian is aware of this,’’ he said.

The former Federal Commissioner for Information said that President Buhari’s crusade against corruption was in the interest of the country.

“When he decides to wage war against corruption I saw to it, that he was sincere,” he said.

Clark urged Nigerians to support the anti-corruption agenda noting that no matter the shortcomings,  President Buhari was doing a good job by sanitising the system.