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Hurricane Matthew, Haiti’s 58th disaster

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Haiti

By Ifeanyi Nwoko.

Sourced from Wikipedia

Hurricane Matthew which broke early Tuesday is the 58th recorded natural disaster which the coastal country of Haiti had suffered according to recorded data by Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia, Haiti has suffered cyclones, hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, torrential rains and floods.

The state is prone to hurricane because of its geographical location and it usuallu braces up for attack during the hurricane season which lasts between June to the end of November.

In 1564, Haiti suffered its first recorded earthquake according to Wikipedia, the country also had subsequent earthquakes in 1684 and in 1691.

In June 1751, an earthquake hit Port-au-Prince and areas to the south and in Octoberof the same year, Haiti experienced another earthquake at Port-au-Prince and the city was destroyed.

In November 1816, a cyclone caused considerable damage in the countryside of the Haitian Ouest department and in the Gulf of Gonâve.

That was followed by an earthquake in May 1842 at Cap-Haïtien which destroyed the town along with Port-de-Paix, Gonaïves, Fort-Liberté, and many towns in the Dominican Republic were affected.

Another earthquake hit the western region of Haiti in September 1887 while Port-de-Paix and Cap-Haïtien were severely affected by another 1904 earthquake.

On November 12 1909, cyclone affected the Ouest department killing 150 victims in plaine du Cul de Sac alone.
By 1915 another cyclone ravaged the southern peninsula, destroying Jacmel and Jérémie.

Again in October 1935 another hurricane ravaged Sud and Sud-Est departments killing over 2,000 people.

In 1946, an earthquake accompanied by a tsunami hit the northeast Dominican Republic accompanied by a tsunami in the region of Nagua. Haiti was also affected.

Six people were also killed and thousands rendered homeless in 1952 when an earthquake hit Anse-à-Veau in the Grand’Anse Department.

By 1954, Hurricane Hazel affected every part of Haiti. At more than 249 km/h, the hurricane devastated the country, killing several thousand people.

In October 1963 Hurricane Flora struck causing over 5000 deaths in Sud and Ouest departments: another 500 were killed in November by flooding.

On August 1964, Hurricane Cleo ravaged the south coast, especially the Cayes-Jacmel region, causing 192 deaths while the 170km/h Hurricane Inez of September 29 devastated the Sud and Ouest departments.

Twenty people were presumed dead after being lost for too long when Floods swept the Cayes-Jacmel region in May 1972 followed by 270km/h Hurricane Allen in 1980 which killed over 200.

The Cayes-Jacmel region witnessed flooding in June 1986 when 20,000 hectares of land were flooded and several thousand homes damaged and by October 23, Ile de la Gonâve flooding killed 31 and rendered 906 homeless.

Port-de-Paix suffered flooding in April 1987 and by May 8, Thiotte, Delmas and Caradeux neighbourhoods of Port-au-Prince also suffered flooding making the 26th disaster in Haiti.

Another round of natural disasters begun in January 1988 with the flooding of Nord-Ouest, L’Estère in the Artibonite suffered its flooding in June while Hurricane Gilbert ravaged the south coast in September and another flooding in Plaine de Léogâne in October.

Flooding in Île de la Gonâve in February 1989 affected 4,945 families, 1,527 houses 1640 people killed.

Over 2000 deaths were equally recorded in November 1994 when Hurricane Gordon crossed the Sud-Est département and the southern peninsula.

In 1998, Hurricane Georges devastated Sud-Est and Nord-Ouest killing 147 and displacing 167,500.
Four years later, by 2002, Haiti witnessed yet another flood on the southern peninsula which left 31 dead and 7000 displaced.

By May 2004, Torrential rains in South-East Haiti caused 1,232 deaths, 1,443 disappearances while 31,130 people were displaced. That was the 35th recorded natural disaster in Haiti.

According to Wikipedia, the then interim government of Boniface and Latortue declared May 28 a day of national mourning.

Unfortunately, by September in the same year, Hurricane Ivan struck the southern peninsula and west coast while Hurricane Jeanne crossed the western section of Haiti and Artibonite killing 1,870, injuring 2,620 while displacing 300,000 and 846 disappeared.

In July 2005, Hurricane Dennis swept the south-east coast of Haiti, causing flooding which left over 500 displaced and by October 4th, floods swept several parts including Pétionville and Grand-Goâve.

Still in October, Hurricane Wilma struck the west and south of Haiti and by 23rd October, Tropical Storm Alpha crossed the south peninsula while 25th October flooding hit Nord-Ouest.

More flooding hit Haiti in 2006 and 2007: torrential rainfall hit hard damaging the bridge between Ouanaminthe and Dajabón which links Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

The year 2008 witnessed Tropical Storm Fay which crossed the whole country in August and by 26th, Hurricane Gustav crosses the south peninsula killing 77 and affected 15,000 families.

By September 1, Hurricane Hanna ravaged the Artibonite and Nord-Est departments: on September 6, Hurricane Ike, a category 4 hurricane swept the western coastline of Haiti.

Heavy rainfall was experienced in October 2009 in the Haitian capital.

On January 12, 2010, the worst recorded 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit hard on Haiti killing between 46,000 and 316,000 people. Its epicentre was at approximately 25 km from Port-au-Prince, the capital. Secondary shocks of magnitude 5.0 were also experienced.

By January 20 another earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck with an epicentre of approximately 59 km west of Port-au-Prince, and at least 10 km beneath the surface.

By October 20, a cholera epidemic hit outside of Port-au-Prince, killing at least 3,597 and sickening over 340,000 and by November of the same year Hurricane Tomas struck killing at least 10.

After 2010, Haiti also suffered from the impact of Hurricane Sandy which hit in 2012.

Right now, Hurricane Matthew is closing in on Haiti and it is said to have already claimes some lives.
The Hurricane according to analysts will be one of the worst hurricanes in recent times.