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Shocking Photos: ISIS turns kids into killers

ISIS Kids as executioners: the boys getting set to kill
ISIS Killer kids raise the hand guns: ready to go
Killer ISIS kids: cold blooded killing of prisoners about to be done

In a chilling new video released today by terrorist  ISIS, five children, one of them a Briton, were shown executing prisoners in cold blood in Syria.

The nine-minute horrific  video is believed to have been recorded recently in the ISIS capital of Raqqa, in Syria, the Mail Online reports.

The video shows the British boy and four others from  Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Uzbekistan, wielding handguns and wearing the desert camouflage. The kids were believed to be aged between 12 and 13.

One of the youngsters makes a blood-curdling shriek in Arabic and slaps one of the terrified captives on his shaved head before they raise their guns and kill the five men, thought to be Kurdish fighters who were captured during a battle.

Source: Mail Online