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Maiduguri: 2 bombers in aborted missions

Multiple explosions rock Maiduguri

Boko Haram Bombers in Mission Impossible. Above car bomb scene in Maiduguri on 12 October

Two Boko Haram bombers planning to cause mayhem in Maiduguri, capital of Borno State failed in their missions today. Governor of the State, Kashim Shettima celebrated a bomb free Christmas Day on Sunday.

At the Kasuwan Market, where a female suicide bomber struck at about 8.40 a.m, she ended up the only casualty.

The police said the female bomber was the only person killed in the blast.

In a statement, police said a second woman who had a bomb was “lynched by an irate mob in the vicinity”.

Security forces later detonated her device.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack but it bears the hallmarks of Boko Haram and comes days after President Muhammadu Buhari said the jihadist group’s key camp in its last remaining enclave had fallen.

Buhari said the fall of the camp in the group’s Sambisa forest base after an offensive by Nigeria’s army in the former colonial game reserve marked the “final crushing of Boko Haram”.

Despite having been pushed back to the forest by the army in recent months, the group still struck at the town of Mora in Cameroon on Sunday, killing two persons.

Boko Haram has killed 15,000 people and displaced more than two million people during a seven-year insurgency to create an Islamic state governed by a misinterpretation of the Quran.