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Photos: Massive crowd welcomes Buhari to Bauchi

President Buhari and the Governor of Bauchi, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar greet the massive crowd

Bauchi residents once again have proven that President Muhammadu  Buhari remains their loved leader as they trooped out today to accord him an enthusiastic welcome.

One of the touching people that received  Buhari into the ancient city was a  20 year-old physically-challenged  girl, Miss Fatima Abubakar.

The massive crowd that serves like a guard of honour for President Buhari
And many climbed a watch tower for a better view of the visiting Buhari
And this woman, though physically challenged came from a place 100km away to Bauchi town to receive Buhari

She wheeled herself  from Toro town to Bauchi, to have a glimpse of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Toro town, a Local Government headquarters, is about 100 km from Bauchi.

Sai Baba! Sai Baba!!: the crowd that Buhari aroused on entering Bauchi
Motor cycles bought by Bauchi Governor Abubakar for distribution to youths
Thank You, President Buhari greets the people

“I came along with my brother, spending N700 on transportation, to see Buhari and wave to him, but because I was born without limbs, I could not stand.

“He did not see me, but at least I came and celebrated his visit with the crowd. I welcomed him to my state, and so I am happy,” she told NAN.

Abubakar said although the financial expenses she incurred was ‘a colossal burden’ considering her poor background, she had fulfilled her dream of welcoming President Buhari to her state.