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Romanian men, Ukrainian women world’s heaviest alcohol drinkers

Romanians celebrate with glasses of beer: they lead the world in heavy drinking of alcohol. Photo: Illustration only

Men in Romania are the biggest alcohol drinkers in the world, guzzling eight drinks a day on average. They are followed by men in Portugal, Luxembourg, Lithuania and Ukraine , with seven units a day.

Ukranian women who drink were in a league of their own, putting away more than four glasses or shots every 24 hours, followed by Andorra, Luxembourg, Belarus, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Britain, all averaging about three per day.

The findings were made in a major study of 195 nations by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, Washington.

Among men, drinking alcohol in 2016 was most widespread in Denmark (97 percent), along with Norway, Argentina, Germany, and Poland (94 percent).

In Asia, South Korean men took the lead, with 91 percent hitting the bottle at least once in a while.

Among women, Danes also ranked first (95 percent), followed by Norway (91 percent), Germany and Argentina (90 percent), and New Zealand (89 percent).

The most abstemious nations were those with Muslim-majority populations.