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Shiites to challenge Kaduna ban

Ibrahim El-Zakzaky: leader of the Shiites and IMN

 By Shuaib Sadiq

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), whose members are known as Shiites, on Saturday said it would institute a legal action against the Kaduna State Government for declaring the group illegal.

Spokesperson of the movement, Ibraheem Musa told newmen in Kaduna  that the ban announced by the government was illegal.

“It’s an infringement on our basic rights as citizens of the country.

“We are not going to be intimidated into taking any violence or unlawful activity but will take legal action against the Kaduna State Government for the infringement.“

The government on Friday declared the IMN an unlawful society.

The government in a statement said that it took the decision to preserve peace and security in the state.

“The action is also taken to ensure that all persons and organisations are guided by lawful conduct and with due allegiance to the Nigerian state and its Constitution.”(Read the  : Kaduna Govt statement

Since the ban was annnounced Friday, it has triggered a lot of debate, even in the social media wall of Governor El-Rufai.

One reader identified as Emeka Madiebo said: “Religion can destroy the most wise and intelligent men. Tread with caution. The leader of Shiite is still in detention and they are still protesting for him to be released and then you ban them from doing that. What will happen if the leader is released and dialogue initiated?

“When people are willing to die for what they believe in the fire can’t be quenched. Please stop this religious war and seek a way to peace through dialogue.

“And for a group that has existed for years to be termed unlawful society by your administration is so ridiculous. You must not believe in what others believed in for you to live peacefully with them..”

Another commended the governor for the bold decision:
“Well done our able governor. We the people of Kaduna and Zaria in particular, we are very happy with this bold decision . Shiites are not Muslims and they have been terrorizing us for donkey years….Alhamdulillah”.

Yet another Nigerian urged the governor to also implement a section of the report that blamed the military for the killings of hundreds of Shiite muslims last December.

“Nasir El-rufai, well done for doing the needful and proscribing an illegal and troublesome organisation. Now we want you and or the FG to arrest and prosecute the soldiers that murdered our fellow country men last December .

“Justice cannot be said to have been done if and when you cherry pick parts of the reports that recommends you punish the IMN and ignore the parts that indict officers and men of the Nigerian army,” said Abu Faruk.