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German researchers to test new robot in U.S. desert

Utah Desert, United States of America. Source:

By Hawa Lawal

(dpa/NAN) The German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) has announced that researchers would test a new robot technology in the Mars-like deserts of Utah.

Frank Kirchner, Head of the Robotics Innovation Centre, said on Wednesday in Bremen (Germany) that many situations that could occur in space can be almost perfectly simulated in Utah, a western state in the U.S. known for its expansive red deserts.

He said that the objective of the four-week long field test is to observe how the new systems would work in a natural, unstructured landscape that is similar to Mars.

Kirchner said that the two robots, Coyote III and SherpaTT, are remote controlled via Bluetooth technology and semi-autonomous.

β€œIt is an indication that the robots can act independently to some extent.’’

Kirchner recalled that last week, DFKI presented a Praying Mantis-like robot, named Mantis, that can manoeuvre over rubble and steep craters, while using its forearms to collect samples.

The researcher added that Mantis could also be helpful on Earth during disaster situations. (dpa/NAN)