Senate to support LADOL, others

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Senate to Support LADOL, Others
Senate to Support LADOL, Others

By Aisha Cole

The Senate Committee on Marine Transport has  pledged to support Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base  (LADOL), Niger Dock Ltd. and the Lagos Channel Management (LCM) to achieve success in the interest of the country.

The Chairman of the Committee, Sen. Ahmed Yerima, said this during an oversight function of the committee to Lagos Channel Management (LCM), Niger Dock Ltd. and LADOL in Lagos.

He said that the committee members were impressed with the facilities the companies had been putting in place, adding that he would give them all the encouragement required in the interest of the country.

“We are highly impressed. This is the first time I am seeing LADOL physically.

“I have seen them in document and I have tried to know about them and I now know them practically.

“This is not the first time the Senate Committee on Maritime is visiting. We are in the eight Senate. So many committees have come and they have seen.

“This is just the first time this committee is visiting their facilities,’’ NAN quotes Yerima as saying.

The Managing Director of LADOL, Dr Amy Jadesimi, said the company had so far generated over N10 trillion as Customs revenue and had been able to employ 2,000 people directly and 3,000 people indirectly.

Jadesimi said that the company, with the collaboration of other investors had invested 500 billion dollars since its establishment.

“We are aiming to focus on human capital development in order to make Nigeria the hub by building more structures across the whole country and continuous training on human and capital development.

“Our quays’ capacity is the highest in Africa and the two quays capacity is the second largest in the world.

“Some of the infrastructure available here are critical to meet the standard required to meet the offshore operation,’’ NAN quotes Jadesimi as saying.

She said that the company had been building for 15 years and working since 10 years ago and but had yet to realise any profit.

The managing director said that the development of LADOL Shipyard had increased local demands by shipping fabricators in the integration yard.

She, however, said that the integration had made Nigeria the hub of West Africa, adding that the Nigerian Ports Authority was not a shareholder.

“The only relationship we have with NPA is lease agreement,’’ she said.

She said that the company had spent 10 years in operation, adding that the management still have 30 years to grow, while the lease was renewable.

The Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Niger Dock, Mr Maher Jarmakani, appreciated the support of the Federal Government and pleaded for continuous visit of government officials to enable them to be familiar with their operations.

Jarmakani said that the economic challenges had reduced the companies’ staff strength which is now 500 staff, adding that the company would like to see more work coming from oil and gas sector.

“We want to see the maritime industry back on its feet and we will be benefactor of the economic Turn- Around- Time.

“We are seeing some of big signs coming out from government. So, we see 2017 as Turning Around Time for government.

“We will continue to put in our best in spite of the competitive environment because Niger Dock is one of the leading conglomerates in the country,’’ Jarmakani told NAN.

He, however, said that Niger Dock would continue to put in its best, being the largest employer of labour  in the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Niger Dock operations cover an overarching corporate imperative, logistics delivery, support base services, project delivery, ship repair, industrial training and offshore fabrication.

The Managing Director, Lagos Channel Management (LCC), Mr Danny Fuchs, said that the company was a joint venture between Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and LCM.

Fuchs said that the company was managing three dredgers of NPA named: Rivers Chalawa, Gumel and Sea Lion.

He said that the dredgers were on bare-boat charter to LCM to be used exclusively for dredging Lagos Ports.

Fuchs said that the Sea Lion and Gumel were used for the seeping and maintaining the Channels, while River Chalawa was used to maintain depths alongside the quays.

He said that in order to achieve the required depths and channel dimensions within Lagos, the company needed DEPASA Marine and Dredging International Nigeria to charter three additional driver dredgers to increase production.

“Two of these Poseidon and Astra dredgers are bought to Lagos for specific projects as and when required.

“Poseidon is a large heavy duty TSHD capable of dredging hard material in most weather conditions, while Astra is a smaller and perfect for shallow or restricted waters.

“Baltic Sea I is smaller than Poseidon but comparable with Sea Lion, and as such is perfect for dredging the channels of Lagos, which also remains a long term charter for LCM,’’ NAN quotes Fuchs as saying.

He said that the company paid NPA 1 million dollars yearly each, on the three dredger vessels.

Fuchs said that THE LCM dry-docked and maintained the vessel while the NPA paid for the services rendered by the company following vouchers issued and processed by NPA.

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