Accountants have role in politics

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Accountants on Politics
Accountants on Politics

By Lucy Nwachukwu

Sen. Felix Bajomo, Past President, Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN), on Monday said that accountants had all that was needed to add value in the society.

Bajomo said while presenting an address on politics at the Celebration of the ICAN Political Ambassadors, organized by the institute in Abuja.

He, however, urged members of the institute not to shy away from participating in politics but to play their roles in political matters.

He explained that over the years ICAN members had considered politics a `dirty game’ and disassociated themselves from it.

“As it is now, we are celebrating 17 of our members who are involved in the foundation of politics and the wellbeing of our nation.

“Thank God that this people have taken the courage to do what they are doing and what they have done is an obvious fact that accountants have what it takes to add value.

“This ambassadors have told us that politics is not that dirty as we thought because if you are in politics and you are playing the role as you should, there is no way you will not add value.

“They are worthy ambassadors of our profession and it is appropriate to celebrate them and we have to continue to encourage our members to play their role in the society,’’ he said.

Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita, the Head of Service of the Federation (HOS), urged ICAN members in various sectors of the government to be good ambassadors of the institute at all times.

“Now more than ever before the ICAN in us should be seen, those of us who are in the public sector, those who are in politics and those in the administration of today.

“More than ever before, accountability and anti-corruption is something that everybody is looking up to; Nigerians are no longer allowing the “business as usual attitude’’.

“Everyone is looking much deeper into the activities of government, wanting to know the value added by this administration.

“So it is very important that a forum like this is organised so that we can come together and apply our professional expertise for the growth and advancement of this nation,’’ she said.

Earlier, Mr Titus Soetan, the 52nd President, ICAN, said the institute was aware of the importance of politics in the affairs of a nation and could not isolate itself from it.

Soetan said that the participation of professionals in politics and governance would be of immense benefit to the profession and the nation at large.

He said,“ Today, I am delighted to note with pride that ICAN has 17 of its members at various levels of governance in Nigeria , which include five Executive Governors and one Deputy Governor.

“We have three Senators, five House of Representatives members, five Ministers and the Head of Service of the Federation.

“They are ICAN members who are decision makers at the topmost echelon of the public and private sectors of our economy.

Soetan explained that the value of nobility, sacrifice, honesty, care for others and respect for constituted authority are the hallmark of members of the institute.

“These behavioural elements are no doubt urgently required in the change mantra that will propel Nigeria to a better future and I am sure this value makes us proud of ICAN.

He further said that considering the value laden services that Chartered Accountants provided, their services were needed now in the country more than ever before.

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