Wizkid drops video for ‘Come Closer’, Drake missing

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Wizkid and the dancers in Come Closer video

Wizkid has done it again, well without Drake, dropping the much anticipated video for the single, ‘Come Closer’. And it is already generating rave reviews, attracting accolades such as ‘it’s a dope’, ‘a game changer’, ‘it’s fire’ and so on.

The video which was released on 6 April, has already raked over 400,000 views on You Tube and over 3,000 on Wizkid Evo account. The audio on You Tube, has closer to 1.5million views.

In the video, according to a report by MTV Base, a new blonde haired Wizkid is seen sporting an all-white outfit with some swamp green boots in the opening scenes.

The video itself was wonderfully shot in the studio with dancers who are clad in African-face paint and African prints. And that even ignited more admiration for Wizkid for projecting African culture.

Dancers in Come Closer portray the African culture

Watch the video here:
Notably however, Drake did not feature in the video, even though the single was touted a collabo between Drake and the Nigeria international star. The Canadian rapper’s voice is heard though.

One music buff, @soldier especially noticed this in a tweet and contrasted this with Wizkid missing from the playlist recently released by Drake.

Wizkid himself explained Drake’s absence in the well choreographed video when he tweeted that the Canadian was on tour during the shooting of the video.

In another tweet, the Starboy appeared to have played down the relevance of Drake in the video:

The artist maintained the position on his Instagram Page:

‘Come Closer’ which is available on Apple Music and Spotify was released two weeks ago.
The single was initially leaked as ‘Hush Up the Silence’, but when officially released, it was renamed as “come Closer’.

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