Infographics: Why the enemies of Nigeria want Buhari ousted

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President Buhari: the accomplishments below are why they want him out

The accompanying infographics show graphically and vividly the accomplishments of the Buhari administration in less than three years.

After going through, one wonders why some minority Nigerians have been campaigning vigorously to oust the administration.

Do they want a reversal of the gains recorded by our nation? Be the judge yourself!

The scorecard from Customs
Buhari’s scorecard in power sector
External reserve is growing
Anti-graft war also yielding unprecedented results
Revolution in rice production
Agencies are remitting money to the national pool
Exports of agric, mineral and manufactured products increasing
Why the enemies hate Buhari


Another reason for the hate campaign


Fellow Nigerians, shine your eyes well, well
Fellow Nigerians, stay steady with Buhari

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