Mugabe: ‘I resurrected’

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Robert Mugabe Photo: Reuters
Robert Mugabe arrives at Harare airport                Photo: Reuters

By Sky News

Africa’s oldest leader dismisses rumours he had travelled to Dubai for treatment, saying he was dealing with a “family matter”.

Robert Mugabe has arrived back in Zimbabwe following rumours he was seriously ill and had travelled to Dubai for treatment.

The 92-year-old president, who is Africa’s oldest leader, looked jovial as he left his aircraft with security aides on Saturday, having left a regional summit on Tuesday.

“I had gone on a family matter to Dubai concerning one of my children,” he told reporters, without giving details.

Mugabe is expected to address a youth meeting later on Saturday

Mr Mugabe then joked: “Yes, I was dead, it’s true I was dead. I resurrected as I always do. Once I get back to my country I am real.”

The Zimbabwean leader is expected to address a youth meeting at his party’s headquarters later on Saturday.

Reports that Mr Mugabe’s health is on the decline have become common, but he has often said he is as “fit as fiddle”.

Opposition supporters burn wood and cartons as they clash with police

He intends to run again in elections in 2018, and his wife, Grace, recently said he would rule from the grave.

Political opponents say Mugabe has brought one of Africa’s most promising economies to its knees since he came to power after independence from Britain in 1980.

His absence has raised the level of uncertainty in a country already in economic and political turmoil.

Frustration has been rising over the state of the economy and allegations of government corruption.




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