FRSC: Motorists in trouble, offender for mental examination

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FRSC boss Boboye Oyeyemi
FRSC: focus attention on FCT motorists

By Harrison Arubu

As traffic offences hit the roof top in Federal Capital Territory (FCT), authorities of the regulatory agency have resolved to step-up efforts for a clampdown on offenders.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has read the riot act to motorists in Abuja and environs to behave.

The FCT Command of FRSC, Mr Wobin Gora, in his maiden news conference in Abuja, decried the unrepentant attitude of some road users especially motorists in Abuja.

“One thing I discovered is that most of the township taxis, both painted and unpainted, carry overload.

“I am using this medium to tell all the motorists in the FCT, if you want to carry overload, please for God sake, go to another state because FCT will not contain me and you.

“I will be out personally for a clampdown on those carrying overload, and those of you who use phones while driving.

However highly placed, everyone is expected to obey the law.

“Honestly, I am not trying to intimidate people but I am trying to tell you, just do the right thing as expected as far as traffic rules are concerned.

“`Allah Ya Isa’ will not follow me; `God punish you’’ will not follow me if I arrest you and impound your vehicle.’’

Gora, who assumed duty on June 12, also expressed the readiness and determination of the command to enforce the proposed mental examination of traffic lawbreakers.

The exercise begins nationwide on July 1, with focus on life-threatening violations such as the use of phone while driving, route and traffic light violation, dangerous driving and overloading.

He wondered why Nigerians obey rules and regulations abroad but find it difficult to do so back home.

The sector commander also decried non-use of foot bridges by pedestrians in the territory, and called for a special taskforce and mobile courts to prosecute offenders.

“The little days I have stayed in the FCT as sector commander, I have been able to notice few things in the motoring public.

“One, the pedestrians find it difficult to use the pedestrian bridges. They are there for them.

“If the FCT Administration can raise a taskforce with mobile courts to man those areas where there are pedestrian bridges; anybody that decides to use his legs to run across the road should be arrested and tried.

“That was done in Lagos and results were achieved. When they try you and you are convicted certainly you will know that you have committed an offence.

“Government is not supposed to waste their resources, energy and money to build pedestrian bridges. They are there for the good use of those of us without vehicles.’’

Gora said he was already reaching out to security agencies on collaboration to clampdown on traffic rule violators in the FCT.

The sector commander stated that one of his priorities was to ensure free flow of traffic.

All unit commanders have been instructed to ensure that their men were out as early as 6 a.m. daily on routes with heavy traffic. (NAN)

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