Photos: Buhari steps out with Aisha

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To the doubting Thomases in Nigeria and  rogue web platforms such as and, here are more photographs of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari and his wife, Aisha, debunking all the falsehoods being peddled about him.

President Buhari with his wife, Aisha
Another Buhari and Aisha pose: soon the doubters will say it was taken 20 years ago
Daisy Danjuma and Aisha Buhari in a selfie pose in London
President Buhari in London. Daisy Danjuma sits on his left

President Buhari is at the moment on vacation in London. in a write-up has exposed the purveyors of the fake news, as bad clones of the original websites.

“The that published the news that Buhari died was only registered on October 15, 2016 and will expire a year after. On the other hand, the clone Huffington Post website that claimed that Buhari attempted to kill himself was created on November 19, 2016 and like the former website, was registered for just one year”, said a writer on the platform.

“Each of these websites was registered via proxy and hosted on Go Daddy. Conversely, the actual Metro UK website was created on August 1, 1996 and Huffington Post on March 10, 2005, with the names of the owners attached to them.

“Invariably, both and were set up less than a month from each other, ostensibly in a bid to publish unsubstantiated and fake reports,” wrote Adeeko Ademola.

President Buhari will return home on 6 February.


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