Pressure on NASS over control of N500B SIP

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The National Assembly is under immense pressure as mixed reactions trail their alleged demand for control of the Buhari administration’s N500B Social Investment Programme (SIP).

An online medium had published a report on February 20 alleging that some legislators were demanding control of the management of the SIP at all cost.

According to the report, “sources say the legislators are demanding that unless they are allowed to select the beneficiaries of the SIP as well as award and take contracts under the scheme, they would simply terminate the program, which is designed to benefit ordinary Nigerians including the most vulnerable and the poorest, as well as unemployed youths.

“One Senator from one of the Niger Delta States threatened to “kill the entire program,” if Senators are not allowed to choose beneficiaries of the N-Power jobs for unemployed graduates, while a Representative from Kano State specifically demanded contract benefits.’’

Since the news broke, some Nigerians have taken to the social media (Facebook, Twitter) to express their views on the allegations as well as the management of the SIP, thus putting the legislators under immense pressure.

In as much as there are diverse opinion over the issue, there seem to be a consensus that the presidency should call the legislators to order so as to avert a mass action against the lawmakers and the government.

Mr Eze B. Eze, one of the commentators on the Sahara Reporters site, writes, “Imagine these shameless so-called legislators having the audacity to make demands concerning money meant for Nigerians who are struggling to survive.

“They are even making threats…imagine that. Threatening to shut down the whole program?

Eze wants Nigerians to support the fight against corruption, revolt against the lawmakers and wondered “why Nigerians have to listen to senators’’.

“Why do Nigerians obey them? Why don’t Nigerians just organize a march and take out these people?

“Why don’t Nigerians just declare that they no longer recognize the National Assembly? The president is busy fighting these corrupt people and these Nigerians are just there not giving enough support.

“Why should you allow just less than 100 legislators make your lives a misery?’’

Another commentator who prefers to be known as `samtalkback’, said the lawmakers are not serious-minded and should not be taken seriously.

According to him, “these guys seem not to understand how angry the people are over their behaviors… I wonder if they have at all any element of conscience left other than SELF gratification.’’

On Facebook, Emmanuel Ekoji described the lawmakers as “Evil politicians’’.

He said: “who are the legislators? Rogues! They want to have a share. They want to cause confusion with their diabolic suggestion. May God Almighty scatter their plans.’’

Ajunajuna Claudius Jr. wrote also on Facebook that “anything that will benefit ordinary Nigerians is a headache for this senathieves.’’

“Nigerians will not know peace in as much we still allowed these people at upper chamber’s to decide our future we need to react fast before it’s too late,’’ Ajunajuna warned.

Mr Adedamola Adeniran accused the lawmakers of being the problem of the country.

According to him, “Ha haaaaaaaaaa, but we condemned Buhari, I am saying it and I will continue to say it, senators and house of Reps are problem of this country.

Mr Sanni Ibrahim says, “Abeg… I never still see my alert Oo! Any senator that have a hand in me not seeing my money approve by PMB…

“The thunder that will fire u is still doing press up.’’

One Padims Dim says, “I hope if the National Assembly have been allowed to share the N500B meant for social investment program (SIP) corruption will be over, insecurity will now be a thing of the past, Buhari will now become a good president and there will be no hunger in Nigeria, vis-a-vis Nigeria will develop.

Yemisi Ogudipe thinks “the National Assembly members are very wicked people.’’

He queries: “they only have their own selfish interest at heart, haba what will ordinary Nigerians benefit for being in Nigeria for God sake.’’

Ado Zailani describes the legislators as “criminals that just want to continue with their thievery.’’

“Please Nigerians irrespective of our differences, we just have to rise up against these criminals or else we would be doomed.

“They don’t give a hoot about ordinary Nigerians please it is high time we mobilise and show these rogues that enough is enough,’’ Zailani urges Nigerians.

Isah Yantaba, another commentator on Facebook “thinks the best thing Nigerians can do is to never allow any of these criminals to come back as elected sina-thieves (oh, is it senators?) That is the only way we can stop this rascality of ours.’’

For Abefe Lukman, “the unrepentant Seanathives and legislooters will soon be humiliated on or before 2019 because they are the major problem of the masses.’’

Ibrahym Badmus calls on Nigerian youths to “Team up and claim what is due to them. They are taking advantage of our not being in union to destabilize the plan meant for us.

“Enough of name calling; Yeast, Baby factory, Almajiris, Afonja, Ritualist etc. The Legislators will sit upright and support our motives only if we have one voice. Let peace reign among us and fight for one cause.’’

Ify Anthony said: “No wonder they haven’t paid since January, what kind of leaders are these?

“Even with their fat salaries they still want to finish the money set aside for the youths, what a shame!’’

Sani Musa said the development is synonymous to corruption fighting back.

“Now you have seen Nigeria’s problem. Corruption fighting back.’’

Golden Chikwendu said: “Shee they will not turn around to blame the past government abi? Okay ooooo. God is watching!!!’’

Hussaie Mustapha said: “Crooked politicians they gather share national revenue among themselves, pocketing the profits & treating people like animals.’’

Ibrahym Badmus said: “the National legislators are evil in act.

“PMB mean well for the teaming youths. Why tormenting his agenda? Why? Gosshh…. I weep for the youth of this Nation.’’

Musa Abdulmumin thinks “our major problem in this country now is National Assembly.’’

Dele Ogundare said: “For the gluttons, every pie is attractive.’’

Liluzor Hya writes, “these thieves want to foil any attempt dat will solve d Plight Of 9gerian masses, but Don’t Worry D Time Wil Come Dat We D Masses Wil Have Total Control over U.

“We Wil never Allow U Go Back to D Chamber Again to Continue Ur Recklessness, gradually We Are Reasoning Dat U are behind all 9gerian distress.

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