Another blow for Donald Trump

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Trump Apprentice: Photo Illustration by Daily Beast
Donald Trump Apprentice: Photo Illustration by Daily Beast

In yet another salacious story about US Republican candidate, Donald Trump, the Daily Beast revealed today that part of the deal in appearing on The Apprentice with Donald Trump requires agreeing to a series of odd and invasive demands regarding sex, nudity, and food consumption.

DAILY BEAST quoting  a copy of an NBC contract said  contestants had to agree to be filmed, “whether I am clothed, partially clothed or naked, whether I am aware or unaware of such videotaping, filming or recording.”

2016 is the first election in American history in which lowbrow entertainment and politics have merged to such a degree that they are nearly indistinguishable. The requirements for The Apprentice contestants, while almost certainly not mandated by Trump himself, underscore just how strange this brave new world is.

The Apprentice premiered on NBC in January 2004, when Trump was known primarily as a mouthy real-estate tycoon and New York tabloid fixture with an affinity for gold finishes and shiny new wives. He had already monetized his personal brand—with a bestselling book, Trump: The Art of the Deal, products like Trump: The Game, and bit parts in movies like Home Alone 2—but he was not yet a mainstream superstar. That kind of fame could only come through television.

The premise of the show was uncomplicated: The most fabulously wealthy real-estate developer in New York would search for a young pupil to whom he could impart his boundless wisdom. He would go about this search by sending contestants on a series of goose chases, referred to in the contract as “tasks,” and pitting them against each other. One by one, he would “fire” those who didn’t live up to his standards, until only one remained. The chosen Apprentice would receive a prize of $125,000 and a one-year contract at a Trump company with an additional salary of $125,000.

But ambition and shamelessness were not the only boxes participants needed to check.

The men and women who wanted a shot at proximity to Trump and the grand prize were first asked some mundane questions, such as “What is your favorite movie?” and “If you could hold any political office, what would it be and why?” according a candidate application reviewed by The Daily Beast.

Then they were made to undergo sexually transmitted disease screenings, which tested for “HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HPV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes,” according to the contract.

Along with such testing, contestants had to accept “that Producer may impose one or more Series Rules regarding the type of sexual activity, if any, that participants will be permitted to engage in.”

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