Argentine President Macri stoned

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Macri: stoned
Macri: stoned

A mob on Wednesday threw rocks at Argentine President Mauricio Macri’s vehicle, breaking windows, but causing no injuries.

“A group of about 10 people threw rocks at the vehicle taking President Mauricio Macri to the inauguration of a … Tourism Information Center in Villa Traful, breaking two windows,” the president’s office said in a statement.

Villa Traful is a small lakeside resort in the south-central province of Nequen.

Officials searched a local residence, detained seven people, and impounded two cars and a motorbike, state news agency Telam said.

Nicolas Lagos, president of the Villa Traful Promotion Commission and the most senior local official, told the agency 1,200 residents lived in the village and another 500 had come to see Macri, “because in the town’s 80 year’s, ‘no president or minister had ever visited.'”

The president’s agenda “is continuing normally,” his office said.

During the inauguration of the center, Macri made an oblique reference to the incident, saying “it doesn’t do any good to attack one another or to be divided, when we have to be united to reduce poverty, confront drug trafficking, improve security.”

According to Lagos, the stone throwers were members of the local chapter of the State Workers Association (ATE), presumably expressing their anger at government policies.

The incident marks the second time Macri’s vehicle has come under attack since he took office in December 2015.

On Aug, 12 in the seaside resort of Mar del Plata, 400 km southwest of Buenos Aires, Macri had to be escorted out of a ceremony unveiling new residences in the Belisario Roldan district, after protesters booed him. They then threw stones at his vehicle.


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