Borno government renames Maiduguri road after Dangote

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Dangote accompanied by Gov. Shettima of Borno
Dangote accompanied by Gov. Shettima of Borno

By Jude Zoho

Borno state government has announced plans to rename a major road in Maiduguri after Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote for his contributions to the welfare of displaced persons in the state.

Dangote is reported to have made the largest single donation of N2 billion for the rehabilitation of displaced persons in the state.

Borno state governor made the announcement when he hosted Dangote in company of legendary British singer, Sir Paul David Hewson, popularly known as Bono.

Though Shetima did not mention the particular road that would be named after the businessman, he said the state government was appreciative Dangote’s concern and contributions.

Both, Dangote and Bono spent seven hours on Sunday in Maiduguri visiting several Internally Displaced Persons’ camp in the city, premium times reported.

Both celebrities also visited a rehabilitation centre where former wives of Boko Haram insurgents were being deradicalized.

He also visited a site where his foundation was building 1000 homes for the displaced persons.

According to premium times, the British pop star also joined the Borno governor to extol the virtues of Dangote especially in supporting the plight of the needy.

He described Dangote and the governor as heroes and role models that should be emulated by all and sundry.

Bono also encouraged the women to believe in themselves and be hopeful of a better future for them and their families.

“Dangote is your hero; so is the governor of Borno state. I have met many politicians in my life but i have never met a politician with a powerful message of hope to his people like your governor.

“I know it is a full time job to take care of displaced persons like you, but it is a part time job to govern and here you have a governor that does the two and he does them very well.

“You women have a lucky leader whom you must support.

“Let me say this to you girls and women here; I have been to nearly all the capitals of the countries in the world but I have never seen faces as beautiful as yours here in Borno.

“I mean faces of women and girls who have seen what they should not have seen in life and yet they still look so beautiful and radiant.

“In Nigeria they say the great resource is the land and oil; but the truth is that in Nigeria the great resource is the women,” Bono was quoted as saying.

Premium times reported that Shettima also introduced one of the girls, known as Ummi – a nine-year old – who was married off to a Boko Haram insurgent a day before she was rescued.

On his part, Dangote, who addressed the women in Hausa, assured them of more support to cater for their immediate needs and rebuild their communities.

Dangote urged them to constantly pray for the success of the state government in their task of caring for displaced people whose number is estimated at two million.

“The governor has really tried in his effort to make things right here.

“It was in appreciation of his efforts that we have decided to come in and offer our own modest assistance.

“It was in line with the commitment to help that I have decided to come with the international songster, Sir Paul David Hewson, to see what we are doing so as to help.

“We want to give you support beyond feeding and shelter; but also to help you have a new life of your own when you are done with this place.

“We want each of you to be able to have the means of sending your wards to schools, clothe and feed them as well as even rebuilding your homes,” Dangote said.




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