Budget Padding scandal: Jibrin reveals more

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Jibrin reveals more on budget padding scandal
Jibrin reveals more on budget padding scandal

(NAN) The embattled former Chairman  House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation. Rep. Abdulmumin Jibrin has disclosed how legislators misused the power of appropriation enshrined in the constitution.

Jibrin made this known in a statement issued to journalists on Thursday in Abuja.

Jibrin, who maintained that the quartet of Speaker Yakubu Dogara, his deputy, Yussuf Lasun, chief whip Alhassan Ado Doguwa and minority leader, Leo Ogor were corrupt, insisted that padding was corruption.

He said “for Dogara and his cohorts, padding is an offence only if Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin is the accused.

“Today, they went a disgraceful step further to threaten that the budget is already a law and therefore no offense can be committed in that regard.

“This is clearly a diversionary plan to mislead the public, avoid the anti-corruption agencies and buy time to cover up their dirty mess”

Jibrin therefore gave details on how lawmakers defrauded the nation through budgeting.

He said :”for instance let’s say an item in a budget proposed by the executive under Power for the purchase of a transformer cost N2 million and same amount was budgeted.

“If the Chairman House Committee on Power because he has the “powers” to appropriate decides to add N3 million to jack up the allocation to 5million when it is a public knowledge that the transformer cannot cost more than 2million.

“What do you call that? That essentially means appropriation fraud.”

Continuing, Jibrin said ” such chairman is a fraudster, a common criminal.

“On the other hand, let’s say he decides to irrationally reduce the amount to N500,000 knowing fully well that, the said amount cannot buy the transformer.

“What do you call that? Appropriation sabotage and such a chairman is a saboteur.”

The lawmaker-whistle blower challenged Dogara and those he accused of corruption to a public debate.

“I challenge Speaker Dogara and his corrupt cabal to a public debate on their claim that the fraudulent insertions they made in the budget is not an offense that can be prosecuted under the laws of Nigeria”

‎According to him, I have forwarded to the anti corruption agencies documents showing how Speaker Dogara and the 3 others allocated the N40billion they stole from N100billion for constituency project.

“How they inserted about N20 billion of wasteful projects, how they cornered the entire 20 per cent of inputs reserved for the house after the harmonization exercise.

“How they attempt to force in about N30billion of wasteful projects into the budget.

“Attempt to force me to introduce a strange line item and insert about N20 billion  in the service wide vote using the name of  NASS.

“Evidence showing that indeed about 10 standing committees of the house made about  2000 insertions in  budget worth about N284 billion.

“Indeed reports of six standing committees showing massive movement of money with clear intent to commit fraud.”

Jibrin said that he had also commenced providing the anti corruption agencies clue on how investigative hearings in the house under Speaker Dogara were used as conduit pipes to carry out massive corruption.

“How the house services committee chairman and the Speaker runs and spend money meant for the house in absolute secrecy.’

According to Jibrin, I will continue to cooperate with the anti-corruption agencies and guide them on how to crack the code of corruption that has assumed a monumental proportion under the very corrupt Speaker Dogara.

“I am pretty sure not even the two (2) Governors and three (3) former House members backing them can help them evade the anti-corruption agencies”

“There are tens of other criminal allegations I have raised against Speaker Dogara and the 12 others, non of which they have responded to.

“It is sad that some civil society are now providing platforms for the disgraced Speaker and his group of corrupt 12 to embark on an expensive image laundry where millions of stolen money will be invested,” he said.

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  1. Biola Lawal Reply

    May GOD help our country! Often, changes start with one person – May GOD strengthen Hon. Jibrin’s resolve
    against corruption.