Company to flood Nigeria with briquette stoves

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Cooking stove
Cooking stove

By Francisca Oluyole

Eta-Zuma Group West Africa, a private company, is to provide affordable briquette stoves to 10 million houses in Nigeria to check indiscriminate tree cutting for cooking.

Mr. Joseph Ayalogu, the Executive Director, Corporate Relations of the company, said on Tuesday in Abuja that the target was to make stove briquettes affordable to the masses.

The move he said was to curtail tree felling which is one of the main causes of deforestation and global warming.

According to him, the stove briquette, which is smokeless, cleaner, affordable, healthier and a modern domestic cooking fuel source is an alternative to the archaic and primitive domestic fuel sources such as dung and firewood.

He said the briquettes used as a source of energy to power the stoves were made from coal and the special stoves were imported from china.

He said the company had concluded arrangements to start producing the stoves locally and make them affordable to the local communities and the masses.

“The coal mined by the company is used for the production of briquettes of different shapes and two or three can be filed inside the special stoves to generate heat without producing flame or smoke,” he said.

The stove was introduced two years ago to support government’s efforts in ameliorating the ravaging impact of desertification through a sustainable alternative long lasting cooking energy.

The factory is located in Ankpa, Kogi State and the cost of the special stove is N10,500, while a briquette costs N120.

On coal to power, he said the company was at the last stage of the development process, adding that it had signed power purchase agreement with the regulatory body in charge of power. (NAN)

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