`Cutting corners’ responsible for building collapse — Builder

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Building collapse
Building collapse

By Ikenna Osuoha

Mr Akinola Bammeke, Chairman, Nigeria Institute of Building (NIOB), Rivers chapter, says negligence of building fundamentals are responsible for incessant dilapidation and collapse of buildings in Nigeria.

Bammeke told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday that the negative attitude of some Nigerians in compromising standards was disastrous to the nation’s economy.

He said that only standard and due process could save the country the loss of lives and money in terms of buildings.

“Cutting corners while building has caused Nigeria more harm and losses than following standard.

“Following standard plan, standard assessment and control in building is not only safer but cheaper than cutting corners,” Bammeke said.

The builder called for total adherence to standards in building construction.

According to him, shabby buildings have rendered many Nigerians homeless and jobless in the past few years.

He urged governments at all levels to stimulate policies that would promote enforcement of existing laws for regulating building plans and construction.

Bammeke said the time had come to implement the punitive measures prescribed by law against shabby builders.

He said that the institute would continue to pursue standards in its mandate aimed at ensuring a safe population.

Building collapse has been rampant in Nigeria over the years but builders have not suffered punishments because of poor jobs.

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