Dino Melaye, Customs boss bicker over reception

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Senator Dino Melaye, Kogi Senator that led the donation of relief materials to Kogi workers
Dino Melaye

By Naomi Sharang

Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Waste in the Nigeria Customs Service led by Dino Melaye has taken on Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) over breach of protocol.

Melayi, Chairman of the committee and Comptroller General (CG) of Customs, Mr Hameed Ali, on Monday disagreed over reception.

The disagreement was sequel to the visit of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Waste in the Nigeria Customs Service to the Customs Headquarters, Abuja.

The lingering feud between the duo resurfaced Monday as the senators and the CG engaged in an argument bordering on failure of the latter to accord the former anticipated protocol.

Hameed Ali, with his officers

Melaye said that the Customs CG was expected to have received the committee members into the premises and not just meeting them at the conference room.

He said protocol had been the practice with statutory bodies like Customs, Immigration, Prisons, etc, over the years and wondered why such etiquette was not accorded the committee.

“Before reading the prepared speech of the committee, let me make this small remark on what we have just observed here in form of breach of protocols.

“Mr CG, rather than meeting us here at the conference room by way of courtesy, you supposed to have met us at the ground floor on arrival into the premises,’’ Melaye said.

Reacting, the customs boss informed the committee that the NCS had its own protocols different from other public establishments and should not be dictated to on matters of etiquette or protocol.

Hameed Ali says 70 per cent of ECOWAS Common External Tariff implemented by Nigeria
Hameed Ali

“We have our own protocol as regards receiving visitors like you. I don’t need to come downstairs to receive you just as nobody in the Senate or House of Representatives has ever come out to receive us anytime we visit the National Assembly.

“Let me state clearly that in the Nigeria Customs Service we are servants of the people. We believe in Nigeria and working with others to make it great without being railroaded in anyway,” Ali said. (NAN)

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