In ruthless operation, police kill 104 bandits in Zamfara

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Some of the 85 suspected bandits arrested in Zamfara by the police

Bandits had better stay away from Zamfara and contiguous states as a Police Joint Intervention Force is waging a ruthless campaign against them and in one operation on Thursday, neutralised 104 of them.

Eighty five others were arrested.

The special force, comprising counter-terrorism unit, mobile force, Federal SARS and with air support, destroyed 50 hideouts of the bandits in five camps and also recovered from them over 250 heads of cattle and 109 sheep.

However, one policeman, yet to be identified, died during the counter-assault.Twelve others were wounded

A police statement by Jimoh Moshood, acting deputy commissioner said the Inspector General of Police, Idris has deployed the DIG Operation to take control of the continuous operation in the state to rout out banditry.

Three surveillance helicopters are assisting the police mission.

The Police Joint Operation Team had run into an ambush laid by the bandits in the evening of 29 November at Mahanga Forest in Birnin Mogaji.

The police fired back and killed them mercilessly.

Zamfara had been in the news as a nest of bandits, kidnappers and cattle rustlers. The criminals had also been killing many innocent villagers.

Thus the Inspector General of Police on 9 November, 2018, deployed to the state the Police Joint Intervention Team of about 1000 Police personnel comprising the Seven Units of Police Mobile Force (PMF) headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), Police Anti-Bomb (EOD) Squad, and conventional Policemen.

Police spokesman Jimoh Moshood said the Team recorded significant progress in the arrest of more than 85 suspects and the recovery of 27 AK47 Rifles and 52 locally fabricated rifles and other dangerous weapons.

Now, the DIG, Department of Operation and the Police Joint Team have been mandated to also coordinate the Commissioner of Police, Zamfara State and personnel of the Command to sustain and restore lasting peace throughout Zamfara State.

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