Ireland: May to attend funeral of slain journalist Lyra McKee

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Theresa May UK PM

Prime Minister Theresa May will attend the funeral of Lyra McKee, a journalist shot dead during rioting in Northern Ireland last week.

May’s office says the prime minister will miss her weekly House of Commons question-and-answer session to attend Wednesday’s service in Belfast.

McKee, who was 29, was killed Thursday as she reported on rioting in Londonderry. A small militant group, the New IRA, said it was responsible. The group apologized, saying McKee was shot “while standing beside enemy forces” — a reference to the police.

Police arrested two teenagers and a 57-year-old woman but released all three without charge.

The IRA and most other paramilitary groups have disarmed since Northern Ireland’s 1998 peace accord. The New IRA has been formed from splinter groups opposed to the peace process.

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