King of Swaziland out of seclusion

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The King of Swaziland, Mswati III, has come out of a two-month long seclusion, officially marking the end of the annual Incwala ceremony.

The king has been in isolation since late November 2016 as he performed the private cultural ritual, a practice he undertakes every year.

During this time, most local cultural events such as trial of cases in traditional structures and allocation of land by chiefs are suspended in honour of the event.

During the seclusion, Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini represents the king in all international functions.

Traditional Governor Timothy Mtetwa confirmed that the King was coming out of the temporary hut in which he spent most of his time during the ceremony.

“However, it is still too early to tell when His Majesty would start to participate in public and international events” he said.

According to APA, usually, the first public event that the king attends after seclusion is the official opening of Parliament, which is due in February 2017.

Swaziland is renowned for tradition and culture peculiar to it.

Common tradition in Swaziland (Swazi) permits the King, Mswati, to choose a  new bride every August or September during the traditional dance of virgins.

In the Swazi Reed Dance Festival where the King parades and tests topless under aged virgin girls publicly to ascertain that their virginity was still intact.

Although, many consider this barbaric and backward, it’s a tradition the people willingly embrace as the aim is to help King as part of Swazi custom and norms.

During the ceremony in August last year, the King was reportedly to have tested some of the volunteered girls’ virginity before choosing a wife for himself.

The King had chosen a 19-year-old virgin from the dancing maidens last year August, who became his 15th wife.

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