Man executed 21 years ago cleared

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Nei Shubin: wrongly executed
Nie Shubin: wrongly executed. Mail Online Photo

A Chinese executed 21 years ago for alleged murder and rape, has been proclaimed innocent.

China’s highest court announced this Friday as it overturned the 1995 conviction .

The Supreme People’s Court ruled that testimony in the trial of Nie Shubin, then 20 years old,  was “unclear, and the evidence insufficient” and reversed the verdict.

It apologized to Nie’s family, which has campaigned to clear his name, and advised the family on seeking compensation.

Nie,  a Hebei province farmer, was executed by firing squad after he was convicted of raping and murdering a woman and a provincial court dismissed his appeal.

Nei Shubin's dad and sister cry after the new verdict
Nie Shubin’s dad and sister cry after the new verdict. Mail Online Photo

Another man confessed 11 years ago that he, not Nie,  committed the offence. His admission was rejected.

Zhang Huanzhi, Nie’s mother, said after the ruling, “This is the day I’ve been waiting for and this is the result I’ve been wanting, but no matter how good the result is, I’ve lost my son, after all. My son will never be back. This is what’s causing me the greatest pain. This justice came way too late.”

Nie Shubin’s  73-year-old father, Nie Xuesheng burst into tears upon hearing the long-awaited news at his home in Xianie village, central China’s Hebei Province.

Overcome by emotion, he told a group of reporters ‘my son can finally rest in peace’.

According to Mail Online, Nie Xuesheng, a farmer, first thanked his government after a reporter from The Beijing News read him the latest decision, as a news clip shared by shows.

A teary Nie Xiusheng told the reporters: ‘Thank you, Xi Jinping the General Secretary (of the Communist Party of China) for ruling the country according to laws, bringing me huge benefit.’

The father also said: ‘Justice would come sooner or later.’

Sitting beside Nie Xuesheng, his daughter, Nie Shubin’s sister, cried loudly on his shoulder.

Nie Shubin’s mother, Zhang Huanzhi, attended the court session held in Shenyang today.

The 73-year-old woman filed an appeal to the court after Wang Shujin confessed to the crimes of which her son was convicted. The determined woman had said she never believed her son ‘would commit such crimes’.

The decision, made by the China’s Supreme Court on December 2, was released through China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency.

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