Merkel to stand for fourth term

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German Chancellor, Angel Merkel
German Chancellor, Angel Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will run for a fourth term, an influential member of her governing Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party said on Tuesday, amid uncertainty over her political future.

“She will run for chancellor. And she is absolutely determined, willing and ready to contribute to strengthen the international liberal order,” Norbert Roettgen, who chairs the German parliament’s foreign policy committee, told US broadcaster CNN.

Merkel, who has faced criticism over her open-door migration policy which saw nearly 900,000 migrants enter Germany in 2015, previously said she would unveil her decision on standing for another term “at the appropriate time.”

The CDU reiterated this position in response to the interview.

Roettgen’s comments come amid concern in Europe over the policies of incoming US president Donald Trump, who described Merkel’s refugee policy as “insane” during his campaign, and has questioned the value of the NATO alliance.

Roettgen said both Merkel and Germany should not be seen as the “last man standing” in efforts to hold together a liberal order in Europe(dpa/NAN).

“The chancellor is a cornerstone of this political concept of the West acting as a global player. She will run and she will act as a responsible leader. But it would be impossible to rely only on one person,” the CDU politician said.

In office since 2005, Merkel currently heads a grand coalition government with the centre-left SPD. Should she win another term, she could potentially beat the record for time in office set by Helmut Kohl with 16 years.(dpa/NAN)


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