Merkel to run for 4th term

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German Chanceller, Angela Merkwel on Lake Chad
German Chanceller, Angela Merkwel

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has indicated plans to run for a third term as chancellor in the election scheduled for 2017.

Merkel told top party members on Sunday after months of speculation about her intentions according to a top party member.

Reuters report that despite a voter backlash over her open-door migrant policy, Merkel is still seen as a stabilising force in Europe especially with the uncertainties occasioned by Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

Merkel told leading figures in her Christian Democrats (CDU) party in Berlin on Sunday at a meeting to prepare for a party conference in December, the last before the election.

She is due to hold a news conference later today.

Some 55 percent of Germans want Merkel to serve a fourth term, with 39 percent against, an Emnid poll published in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper showed on Sunday.

Merkel, 62, has steered Europe’s biggest economy through the financial crisis and the euro zone debt crisis and has won respect internationally – U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday described her as an “outstanding” ally.

With Trump’s victory in the United States and the rise in support for right-wing parties in Europe, some commentators see Merkel as a bastion of Western liberal values.

However, her decision last year to open Germany’s borders to around 900,000 migrants, mostly from war zones in the Middle East, angered many voters at home and hit her personal ratings.

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