Mexico won’t pay for Trump’s wall – Nieto

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Mexicans build mock wall in Trump protest outside US embassy

Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto has said that the country would not pay for the wall or physical barrier that is to be erected by the U.S. along its border.

In a message to the Nation, he lamented the plans for the wall saying that Mexico as a nation does not believe in walls.

Recall that U.S. President, Donald Trump signed an executive order for an “impassable physical barrier” and insisted that Mexico would pay back the Money used to build it.

The Mexican President is billed to travel to Washington on Jan. 31 to meet with President Trump. So far, he has made no mention of cancelling the trip.

“I have said time and again; Mexico won’t pay for any wall.

“It comes as our country is talking on new rules on cooperation, trade, investment, security and migration in the North American region.

“As president I assume the complete responsibility to defend the interests of Mexico and Mexicans.

“Based on a final report by the functionaries in Washington DC and advice from the chamber of commerce, governors, and so on, I will decide the right next steps to take.

“Mexico offers its friendship to the American people and its willingness to reach accords with their government: agreements that will be in favour of both Mexico and the US.”

The barrier is to cost Billions of Dollars and Trump insists Mexico would pay 100 per cent of the cost.

Recall that during his campaign, Trump promised to build a wall along its border with Mexico: a wall stretching over 2000 miles.

“A nation without borders is not a nation,” he said. “Beginning today the United States gets back control of its borders,” he said.

However approval of the project as well as its funding is subject to congress approval.

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