Niger Delta: Romanian engineer abducted

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A gunman in Niger Delta
A gunman in Niger Delta: Romanian engineer kidnapped

Gunmen have kidnapped a Romanian engineer in Nigeria’s oil-producing Niger Delta, police said on Tuesday.

The police said they  have launched a search for the man in the area of Owa Oyibo, where he was abducted late on Monday, said Celestina Kalu, a spokeswoman for police in Delta state.

He was working for Dextron Nigeria Ltd, a construction firm, Kalu added.

The oil region has been hit by a wave of militant attacks on oil and gas facilities and a general breakdown of law.

Militants claimed they are fighting for a greater share of oil revenues for the region.

Wife of the Central Bank Governor, Margaret Emefiele was recently kidnapped in the region. She was not released until a ransom of N80million was paid to the gang, the members of which  have been busted by a special squad of the Nigerian police and some of the ransom, retrieved.


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