Nigerian youths wayward, proud – Garuba

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Youths registering for empowerment (for illustration)

By Abujah Racheal

Senator Binta Garuba has said Nigeria youths have become wayward and urged them to be humble in a nation that thrives on self-esteem and pride.

The Senator representing Adamawa North Senatorial District told the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) Abuja on Thursday that pride was a problem affecting many Nigerian youths.

She added that pride was at the root of all sin and listed it as number one of the seven things that God detested.

“Pride is a problem that has affected many youths. Knowing that God resists the proud, how can we remain humble and as a child before God in a nation that thrives on self-esteem and pride?

She said that humble youths have achieved a-lot of things in life, adding: “For the youth of this day it has become a difficult thing for them.’’

She also accused the youths of finding it difficult to live peacefully with one another.

“We sit down these days to churn out a lot of hate speeches about the president and other leaders.

“Yet we are the same people that are lamenting. We are the same people that are destroying with our tongues because the power of the tongue you cannot take it away.

“Please my people, Nigeria is our own; I see light in this country but we have to arise in one accord,” she said.

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