NTYR: NYCN presidential hopeful wants youths in Buhari’s cabinet

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Comrade Innocent Nduanya

Comrade Innocent Nduanya, an aspirant to the seat of the president, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for assenting to the Not Too Young to Run bill.

Nduanya, who spoke with newsmen at the Youth House, Abuja urged the President to do more for the youths by appointing youths into his cabinet.

He said that the position of youth minister in Nigeria was occupied by somebody above 35 years.

The bill which was signed on Thursday was passed by the National Assembly in July 2017 to alter Sections 65, 106, 131, 177 of the Constitution to reduce the age qualification for president, from 40 to 30; House of Representatives membership, from 30 to 25 and State House of Assembly membership, from 30 to 25.

President Buhari, however, noted that the new bill did not tamper with the age qualifications for governor and the senate, which remained at 35.

Nduanya said President Buhari had achieved so much in the last three years but could have achieved far better if youths were appointed into various position in his cabinet.

“Nigerian youths supported President Buhari and voted him massively in 2015 election but got less or nothing in terms of appointment in his cabinet.

“ 80 per cent of the votes in 2015 came from the youth’s constituency but they were not reciprocated in terms of appointment.

“I urge President Buhari and state governors to emulate the Anambra state, Willie Obiano, for his youth inclusiveness and support to the youth constituency.

“The Anambra state Governor gave full support for the Not too Young to Run as he encouraged youths through various appointments in his cabinet’’

According to him, Anambra is the most peaceful state in Nigeria today because of the peaceful atmosphere created by the governor through provision of security and youth inclusiveness in governance.

The NYCN presidential hopeful said NYCN under his leadership would use the structure of the council in the 774 local governments in Nigeria to mobilise support for every aspiring youth 2019 general elections.

He urged youths to obtain their permanent voters card and utilise them wisely in the next election.

Ndunaya said that with voter education and awareness, Nigeria youths are capable of replicating the 150 million votes they cast in the recent Big Brother Naija in 2019 general election.

He appealed to Buhari to recall and assent to the Peace Corp of Nigeria bill as it was very dear to the teeming Nigerian youths.


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