Obama, Clinton hit back at Trump

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US President Barack Obama hits back at Trump
US President Barack Obama hits back at Trump. Source: http://s3media.freemalaysiatoday.com/

US President, Barack Obama has described Donald Trump as ‘Wacky’ and ‘uninformed’ after the Republican candidate said Putin was a better leader than Obama, the BBC reports.

Obama, while speaking in Laos said that Trump demonstrates every time he spoke that he was unqualified to be President of the U.S.

Recall that Trump while fielding questions from Military Veterans said that Russian President Vladmir Putin was a better leader than Donald Trump.

He said: “I don’t think the guy’s qualified to be president of the United States and every time he speaks, that opinion is confirmed.”

The president pointed to the diplomatic work he had faced at both the Asean summit in Laos and the earlier G20 meeting in China.

“I can tell you from the interactions I have had over the last eight or nine days with foreign leaders that this is serious business.

“You actually have to know what you are talking about and you actually have to have done your homework. When you speak, it should actually reflect thought-out-policy you can implement.”

In a Related development, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also berated Trump for insinuating that US Military leaders had been “reduced to rubble”.

“That’s how he talks about distinguished men and women who’ve spent their lives serving our country, sacrificing for us.” She said.

Read more on: http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37305760

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