Osinbajo praises Joshua N-Power recruit for integrity

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Daniel Joshua: praised by Acting President for integrity

Nigeria still has Honest citizens, such as Daniel Joshua, who will not defraud the treasury, like the many men and women who partook in the era of locusts that ended a few years ago.

Joshua, a Nigerian based in Taraba State has earned the plaudits of the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo for doing what many Nigerians will not do: by returning the money paid to him by the N-Power programme, two months after he disengaged.

Daniel returned N60,000, paid to him in May and June, though he exited the programme in April.

Acting President Osinbajo found the symbolic act commendable and remarkable and took Daniel to the Twitter, to praise  his integrity.

This is how Osinbajo put it:

We join him in recommending Joshua Daniel’s behaviour for emulation by all Nigerians.

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