Philippines govt. warns EU over Duterte

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Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte
Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte

(dpa/NAN) The Philippines Government on Friday told the European Parliament to “mind their own business” after it called for the release of President Rodrigo Duterte’s top critic detained on illegal drug charges.

The European Parliament on Thursday issued a joint motion for resolution calling for the immediate release of Sen. Leila De-Lima, who has been detained at the national police headquarters since her arrest on Feb. 24.

It also called on Philippine authorities to ensure a fair trial for De Lima and to “drop all politically motivated charges against her and to end any further acts of harassment against her.’’

Presidential legal adviser Salvador Panelo denounced the European Parliament’s call as “interference.’’

“They cannot dictate on the Philippine government on what to do with its constituents facing criminal charges nor can they interfere with the judicial processes of our country,’’ Panelo said.

“Neither can they demand our government the performance of an act, that is foreign interference they should mind their own business, ’’ he added.

The charges against De-Lima were based on allegations by national penitentiary inmates that they paid millions of pesos to her when she was justice minister to allow them to continue trading drugs in prison.

Bail is not allowed for such charges.

She has denounced the charges as “plain and simple political persecution’’ for her opposition to Duterte’s drug war, which has left thousands of people dead amid police operations and alleged extrajudicial killings.

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  1. Luzvisminda Filipinas Reply

    It is just so disgusting why this EU act like they are part of ASEAN in which they are not. Philippines is the Philippines and Europe is Europe and never in the history that the Philippine interfere their internal affairs/ What happen to EU, are they just too free and jobless so they could have time to interfere the Philippine Affairs?

    I understand the history of the OPIUM WAR in China in which Germany, Britain, France, Italy and USA invaded and defeated China in 18 Century by sending illegal drugs (OPIUM) and make all Chinese people addict. I understand that from the start EUROPEAN Countries are doing this strategy to China before to defeat China may be this could be the reason why they EUROPEAN (EU) wants to protect drug lords because it is among their business but they knew it is illegal to sell drugs but they did it to China… For more information about OPIUM WAR with china, google it. published it and clearly explained it.

    This could be the reason why EUROPEAN wants to free de lima because de lima is a successor of their business in illegal drugs since 18th century.

    We the Philippines see it clearly how the process in the Philippines, that there is no EJK and there is no abused except the Drug lords and drug peddlers appealing help to the LORD DRUG LORD PROTECTORS THE EUROPEAN Union.. the more the EU would intervene the more we would support Duterte because we will not allow that the Philippines would become a narco state like how European countries Germany, Britain, France, Italy and USA invaded and defeated China in 18 Century by making all Chinese drug addicts.

    I was an OFW during the time of Aquino and every 6 months my company provided me ticket to have a vacation and what makes me sad was the illegal drugs in the Philippines was sold like food in the street, I was cried when I saw my 5 years old nephew who was using shabu, forced by his uncles to take the smoke of the illegal drug. My 5 years old nephew is so thin and not eating well. When I went outside I saw the same thing with other young boys around being used to sell illegal drugs and joining the big men taking the illegal drugs.. so prostrating… even the most remote part near the jungle in the Philippines where vehicle could hardly get in because of very poor bumpy roads, innocent people there were taking shabu… the barangay captain in Bunawan, Salug Zamboanga del Norte, and his councilors were taking shabu in which I could not believe how worst were this illegal drugs penetrated to the most remote part of the country… those areas have almost no electricity but people prioritize the illegal drugs to be bought first instead of healthy food.. damn that illegal drugs…. I have EUROPEAN countries protecting the drug lords in the Philippines

  2. Luzvisminda Filipinas Reply

    I appreciate this News Agency in Nigeria, they are fair and mention everything well in this article unlike the other Biased paid for sale media, they are publishing the lies in return of huge millions paid to them to destroy the leader in the Philippines who opposed the EUROPEAN Illegal drug business in the country…