Photos: President Buhari in London

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President Buhari in London

Here is President Muhammadu Buhari live in London, contrary to malicious rumours by some Nigerians in the social media that he was either dead or ‘under intensive care’.

The President is shown here with the Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun(extreme right), Senator Daisy Danjuma(sitting next to Buhari)  and another guest in London.

Despite all attempts to debunk the rumours, the wicked mischief makers have continued to spread their falsehood about President Buhari.

Here he is,in fulfilment of their death wish ”under intensive care”.

President Buhari watching TV in London on 22 January
Daisy Danjuma and Aisha Buhari in a selfie pose in London
Buhari and Aisha
Another Buhari and Aisha pose: soon the doubters will say it was taken 20 years ago

The President, who left Nigeria on 19 January, is scheduled to return home on 6 February.

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