German Police capture lions, tigers, jaguar after escaping from zoo

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German police
German police

The police on Friday caught several large animals, including lions, tigers, a jaguar after they escaped from a zoo in the Eifel mountain range in western Germany on Friday.

A spokesman for the district of Bitburg-Pruem, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, said earlier in the day that two lions, two tigers and a jaguar were on the loose.

He said a bear had been shot.

The animals escaped from the Eifel Zoo in the municipality of Luenebach. Local residents were advised to stay in their homes and to call the police if they saw the animals.

A large search operation was carried out, involving the fire services, the police and veterinarians, the spokesman said.

A recent storm caused damage in some parts of the region, though it was unclear whether the animals escaped because of damage caused by the storm.

The district administration gave no further details, but said a press conference would be held on Friday afternoon in the city of Bitburg.

The Eifel Zoo in Luenebach is located in the west of Rhineland-Palatinate, about 50 kilometres north of Trier.

Large predators are among the main attractions at the zoo, which is home to about 60 different species, including Siberian tigers and African lions, on about 30 hectares of land.

The zoo was opened in 1972 and is a private family business.(dpa/NAN)


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