Rockefeller dies at 101, invokes damning comments

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David Rockefeller: Dies at 101

The 101-year-old business mogul, David Rockefeller, is dead; he died in his sleep on Monday at his home in suburban Pocantico Hills, New York, heralding damning twitter messages.

According to the, his spokesman, Fraser P. Seitel, confirmed the death on Tuesday.

The philanthropist was the last in his generation of one of the country’s most famously philanthropic families.

Rockefeller and his wife, the former Margaret McGrath, married in 1940 and had six children.

The children are David Jr., Richard, Abby, Neva, Margaret and Eileen. His wife, an active conservationist, died in 1996.

He was the youngest of six children born to John D. Rockefeller Jr. and the grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller.

With the passing of his siblings, he became the guardian of his family’s fortune and head of a sprawling network of family interests.

As one of the Rockefeller grandchildren, David belonged to the last generation in which the inherited family billions were concentrated in a few hands.

The next generation, known as “the cousins” has more people.

Aspects of the Rockefeller brothers’ upbringing became famous, including the 25-cent allowance, portions of which had to be set aside for charity and savings, and the inculcation that wealth brings great responsibility.

Rockefeller embraced business and travelled and spoke widely as a champion of enlightened capitalism.

In his role of business statesman, Rockefeller preached capitalism at home and favoured assisting economies abroad on grounds that prosperity would create customers for American products.

He parted company with some of his fellow capitalists on income taxes, calling it unseemly to earn $US1 million ($A1.3 million) and then find ways to avoid paying tax.

He didn’t say how much he paid in taxes and never spoke publicly about his personal worth. In 2015, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $US3 billion.

Rockefeller graduated from Harvard in 1936 and received a doctorate in economics from the University of Chicago in 1940. He served in the Army during World War II.

He was named Chase Manhattan’s president in 1961 and chairman and chief executive officer eight years later. He retired in 1981 at age 65 after a 35-year career.

His philanthropy and other activities earned him a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honour, in 1998.

Many people have taken to twitters comment on the Rockefeller’s death with damning messages.

The Muffin Man tweeted that “Apparently David Rockefeller was the mastermind of a secret population reduction and control program. #RIPDavidRockefeller you did gods work.’’

Harry Miller said that the Rockefeller Foundation has funded eugenics projects for over a hundred years.

“You guys don’t know about that shit,’’ he said.

Seun Oluade Fanokun‏ @seunoluade said “One of the elitists of the New World Order is gone, David Rockefeller, dies at age 101. May he burn in fire forever.’’

Indra 🌹‏ @peripheralvzn47 said: “This is what’s wrong with the Democratic Party. Clintons Say Rockefeller Used Fortune for Good #rockefeller.’’

Indira quoted Bill and Hilary Clinton as saying that “David Rockefeller was a kind, good man who used his fame and fortunes to do good in the United States and aborad.’’

David Seaman‏ @d_seaman said that “Old fuck Rockefeller didn’t even look human. Old fuck Soros doesn’t look human. Old fuck warmongers John Kerry and Hillary, ditto. Ghouls’’.

He said again, “See ya, Rockefeller! Let us know how Hell is lol. Our elderly billionaires became predators and sicko globalists instead of giving back.’’.

yung trainwreck‏ @JerrodxMichael said: “Trump under FBI investigation Tomi Lahren suspended One Rockefeller dead. This is it. I feel you Jesus. Take the wheel. I’m ready’’.

@_benjvmins_scorned “God showing out today. He finally snatched David Rockefeller in his sleep.’’

KR3ATOUR3 👑‏ @_WilddFiree added: “”One of your slave master’s died today.. David Rockefeller’’

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