In Rwanda, the blind set to vote with Braille

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In Rwanda, the blind will soon begin to vote with Braille

For the visually impaired or blind in Africa, voting may prove to be a real headache. But in Rwanda, it will soon be possible to use ballots in the Braille alphabet.

This is the first in the political history of the country and perhaps in the whole of Africa. Up to now, the visually impaired had been accompanied by relatives who who assisted them in their vote.

This system will eliminate the fears that some guides used the opportunity to manipulate the votes. It will be inaugurated during the presidential elections of August 2017.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda: going for third term

The question of disability remains a sensitive issue in Rwanda whose name quickly reminds everyone about the genocide.

After more than 20 years, 29% of the population still suffer from post-traumatic stress . 177 000 of the voting age suffer from eye defects.

More than 6.6 million Rwandans are expected in the polls next August to elect their new leader. The outgoing President Paul Kagame, in power since 17 years, is going to stand for a third contested term.

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  1. M. Jeanne d'Arc Reply

    In Rwanda everyone counts, so for us we are not surprised that the GoR is helping the blinds to be able to cast their vote.