Suicide: Cleric advises Nigerians to study, obey word of God

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By Franca Ofili

 A Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Kingsley Ferdinand, has advised Nigerians to always study and obey the word of God in order to have innermost peace to prevent them from opting for suicide in difficult moments.

Ferdinand, the Associate Priest at SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Nyanya, Abuja,  gave the advice at Mass on Sunday.

He said that suicide should never be an option to any problem.

“When we properly study and obey the word of God which gives us  innermost peace, we will never think of committing suicide.

“I tell you nothing will give you peace on this earth except when you have that innermost peace,” Ferdinand said.

He said the world was full of insecurity, violence and hardship but stressed that only trust in God would help the people to achieve their goals.

He advised Nigerians to turn to God who is the only solution in the face of any depression.

Ferdinand said that people should learn how to share problems with others as the saying goes a “problem shared is problem half solved”.

“Most people that commit suicide do not share their problems with others. Do not bottle everything up, learn to discuss your problems.

“Also when a lot of things are beyond your power, you should learn to leave them to God,” he said.

Ferdinand recalled Pope Francis’ advice that “the less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life becomes”.

He called on Nigerians to pray that peace, progress and unity would prevail among the people.

Ferdinand also called on Nigerians to trust in God in order to have  peaceful lives and to shun all tendencies that would not take the country to greater heights. (NAN)

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