Tanzania adopts COL’s model on farmer training

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COL’s L3F model adopted by Kagera regional government in Tanzania

Tanzania’s Kagera region is adopting the Commonwealth of Learning (COL)’s Lifelong Learning for Farmers (L3F) model, Mr  Obinna Okwelume, COL’s Communications Officer has said.

Okwelume, in a statement on Friday in Abuja, said that in implementing the model, the regional government would be utilising open and distance learning.

He said it included mobile learning and traditional face-to-face approaches to train farmers in the region.

With the L3F model, more farmers will have access to extension services and information and communication technologies to improve their farming practices.

Okwelume said that the regional government acknowledged the efforts of COL’s partner Matumaini Mapya in supporting agricultural extension services through the mobile learning system.

He said that Mapya had affirmed that the agricultural extension led to increased awareness of farmers, simplified their means of communication and linked farmers to financial institutions.

“The adoption of this model by the regional government of Kagera is a key milestone in transforming the livelihoods and security of thousands of marginalised farming communities.

“ The Open University of Tanzania will be working with Kagera regional government to create awareness of the model among farmers and ultimately improve their livelihoods,”the statement quoted COL Education Specialist: Agriculture and Livelihoods Mr James Onyango as saying.

COL’s L3F initiative empowers farming communities using open, distance and flexible learning.

The initiative is working with several partners in the Commonwealth to build capacity amongst farmers (mostly women) in skills and financial literacy.



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