Teenager launches campaign against child abuse

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Child abuse
Sign of child abuse

By Hassana Yakubu

A teenager, Usman Gashash, has launched a campaign against all forms of child abuses through his guitar music in Kaduna State.

Gashash spoke with the journalist shortly after his performance with little kids at his parent’s house on Sunday in Kaduna.

The 10-year old boy appealed to the African Union to end child exploitation, early child marriage, kid-soldier, the killing of albinos and violence against children accused of witchcraft in the continent.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Gashash has held series of campaign in schools, homes and in his neighbourhood, against all forms of child abuse and tortures, through his musical group.

The creative and talented young music artiste appealed to the continental body to find means of ending terror activities, religious extremism and insecurity destabilising millions of children.

The young artist said child abuse was a major problem “in our world today and it is the responsibility of everyone to contribute toward finding lasting solution to it’’.

He expressed worry over the increasing violation of child right throughout the African continent.

He noted that action must be taken urgently to enable every child have his or her freedom and right as a citizen.

“Lives of albinos children in Africa is under serious threat as many of them are now been hunted by for ritual purposes.

“The climate changes is also another contributing factors that need to be consider in saving lives of such children.

“We must stand to fight against any kinds of challenges that can cripple the lives of our African albinos,’’ he said.

According to him, most of his songs are anchored on child rights, which include access to education, rights to adequate food, shelter, clean water, primary health care, leisure and recreation among others.

“Many children in Africa have become refugees due to religious conflicts, political crisis, farmers and herdsmen clashes and terrorism.

“Problems of malnutrition is the biggest challenges those children refugees are facing day-by-day.

“Child soldier is also on the increase in various regions of Africa due to senseless political and ethnic crisis as well as poverty.

“These children are forced to join the militia groups in different countries in Africa.’’

He, therefore, appealed to all concerned to join hands fighting for the rights of children and eradicate some obnoxious practices like female genital mutilation, which is rampant in many African countries.

“I urge all children network organisations worldwide to rise up and speak against all the challenges facing them.

“As for me, I will keep using music as an instrument of spreading the message of fighting against child right violation.

“I will also keep on calling for all African children freedom against all forms of humiliation and torture through my songs.’’

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