Tension mounts over Israel rockets

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Israel heightens tension in the Middle East with the latest rocket attack
Israel heightens tension in the Middle East with the latest rocket attack

(Reuters/NAN) The Syrian army command said on Friday that Israeli artillery fired rockets at a major military airbase outside Damascus, and warned Israel of repercussions for what it called a “flagrant” attack.

The army commands in a statement warned Israel of the repercussions of the flagrant attack stressing its continued fight against terrorism and amputate the arms of the perpetrators.

It said that explosions were heard in the capital, and residents in the southwest suburbs saw a large plume of smoke rising from the area.

The command added that video footage downloaded on social media showed flames leaping from parts of Mezzah military airport’s compound.

Israel neither confirms nor denies involvement in striking targets inside Syria.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said government doesn’t comment on reports of this kind.

The Syrian army statement did not disclose if there were any casualties, but said the rockets caused a fire.

Recall that some Israeli lawmakers want to allow Jews to pray at an Islamic holy site in Jerusalem, a contentious proposal that is opposed by Middle Eastern leaders and could stroke tensions between Jews and Muslims in the Israel.

Israel Parliament speaker Yuli Edelstein joined three cabinet ministers and three lawmakers ealier to demand Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “open the gates” to the religious complex and rescind a year-long ban on Israeli lawmakers from visiting the site.

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