Time for policy on robotics technology

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By Chiazo Ogbolu

Mr Jide Awe, an Information Technology expert on Wednesday urged the Federal Government to formulate policy and strategy that would pave way for the country to adopt robotics technology.

Awe, who is also the Chairman, Conferences Committee of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

According to Awe, robotics is the study of robots which is essentially manmade machines that consist of electromagnetic and electrical components designed to resemble human beings and programmed to carry certain tasks.

“The essence of its existence is to improve productivity, safety in certain areas where human capacity is inefficient.’’

Awe, who described robotics as the future, said that it was a necessity for the country to have the policy and a strategy toward it.

He said that it was a complex field that required infrastructure to be in place such as the physical component, which the country did not have presently.

“The reason why we need to have a strategy and policy is so that we do not become consumers of other people’s products again.

“There is need for us to build up our talent base, create  awareness about it within the educational system and encourage entrepreneurs to buy into it.

“There is need also to make facilities available so that people can invest in robotic; so that this aspect of the production, programming and local content can be done in the country.

“With good strategy and the country ready to invest, it is an area that the country can get competitive advantage,” he said.

According to Awe, there is need to consider that when robotics is adopted, the aspect that concerns jobs will be reviewed as there can be some loses in that area.

“The challenge that exists now is actually going into it because a lot of issues and obstacles need to be addressed.

“There is need to encourage innovative jobs that robots only can do and also encourage the study of robotics so that we can have an industry in Nigeria.

“This will therefore make the country a less consuming one; the advantages outweigh the disadvantages,” he said.

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