Trump upsets Clinton for White House

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump : seems to have won the White House

Donald Trump appears coasting home to victory in the US presidential election, winning Ohio, Florida and several of the battleground states.

And with results of several states yet to be declared, he appears good to be the successor to Barack Obama. He already has 244 electoral college votes to Hillary Clinton’s 209 and he is fighting for control of two hitherto safe Democratic states, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Trumps needs 26 more to clinch a surprising victory that beats all odds and projections by pollsters.

The New York businessman is ahead in North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin, the must win states for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Arizona, Utah,  appear also to have fallen for the man considered by many polls and newspapers as an outsider for the White House.

Newswires and newspapers that had given Hillary Clinton between 80-90 per cent chance of winning the presidency have been stunned by both exit polls results  and actual votes cast.

Trump is not just turning many American states red, he is leading Hillary in popular votes. With results in few states remaining, Trump had amassed  over 50 million votes to Clinton’s 49 million


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